Meet Our Team

At Carthage Eye Clinic, our staff is friendly and professional. Our commitment is to provide exceptional customer service to all of our Carthage patients. We take pride in our personalized care and strive to spend the necessary time with each patient to ensure a comfortable experience.

  • Wendi Marler, CPO
    Business Manager

    Wendi, wife of Dr. Marler, started in 2001 filing insurance. She now serves as Business Manager for the practice and works with our Optician in frame buying. Wendi ensures that all business accounts are maintained and current. She, on occasion, assists in the Optical making sure that patient’s look and see their best. She also serves as the HIPPA Officer for the office and ensures that staff is kept educated in the privacy of patient’s information.  Wendi received CPO certification through the American Optometric Association in August 2013.

    She and Dr. Marler live in Carthage and attend First Baptist Church. They have three children, Sarah, Lindsey and Austin and a grandaughter Ellen.

  • Trisha Coghlan, CPOA
    Office Manager

    Trisha has been with Carthage Eye Clinic since January 2000. For 12 years Trisha worked as Dispensing Optician, helping patients choose the frame and lenses to best fit their particular need. Trisha also worked in the Optical lab for 12 years edging all lenses, and served as Frame Buyer for 12 years. In April of 2012, Trisha was promoted to Office Manager.  Trisha is highly trained in all areas of the office from Reception to Testing to the Optical & Lab. Trisha is responsible for all the day to day activities in the office. She is also responsible for the staff and makes sure everyone works together effectively as a team to exceed patient expectations.

    Trisha completed CPO certification through the American Optometric Association in November 2001 and CPOA certification in July of 2002. In September of 2010, Trisha was nominated for Para optometric of the Year, and was recognized at the Mississippi Optometric Association convention held annually in Jackson, MS and continues to educate herself in all areas of Optometry. 

    Trisha graduated from Edinburg High School in 1987. Trisha and her husband John attend Sunrise Baptist Church. 

  • Jamie Yalian, CPO
    Insurance Administrator

    Jamie has been with Carthage Eye Clinic since September 2011. As Accounts/Insurance Administrator, she handles all our patient accounts. Jamie is responsible for ensuring all patient accounts are kept current and mails all monthly statements. She also handles the filing of all Insurance claims and acts as liaison between insurance companies and Carthage Eye Clinic.  

    Jamie received CPO certification through the American Optometric Association in August 2013.

    She is a 1998 graduate of Carthage High School and a lifelong resident of Leake County. She and her husband, Joseph, have a son, Austin.

  • Amanda Hillman
    Optometric Technician

    Amanda has been with Carthage Eye Clinic since March 2014. As an Optometric Technician, she is responsible for making sure our patients are fully prepared to see the doctor, and is responsible for preforming any in-office testing ordered by the doctor. Amanda also makes sure that all our patients wearing contact lenses for the first time are well trained on the care and insertion/removal process. She is also responsible for ordering contact lenses for our patients.

    Amanda and her family attend Pine Grove Church of God.

  • Kristen Pauley

    Kristen has been with Carthage Eye Clinic since August 2014. She began working as Lab Technician part time edging our lenses, and as Optician and Optometric Technician as needed. She works with our frame vendors to choose a variety of frames to suit every personality and budget.  She also keeps up with our in house frame inventory.  Kristen works as back up Insurance Coordinator, but her main role currently is filing Vision Insurance and doing all the ordering for the lab.

    Kristen is a 2009 graduate of Leake Academy.  She and her husband Daniel have two children, Carter and Khloe, and attend Pine Grove Church of God.

  • Hailey Kirby

    Hailey has been with Carthage Eye Clinic since September 2019.  She helps patients with frame and lens selection. Hailey also helps coordinate eyewear orders as well as dispensing, adjustment and repair of eye wear. She also has a thorough knowledge of vision plan benefits.

    Hailey is a 2015 graduate of Leake Central High School and attends Pine Grove Church of God in Edinburg and enjoys being outdoors and activities such as cornhole, volleyball and fishing.

  • Madison Quick
    Optical Lab Technician

    Madison has been with Carthage Eye Clinic since August 2019.  She works in our in-house Lab edging  lenses making sure that our patients' eye wear receive individual attention to detail and immediate action. Madison strives to make sure patients receive their eye wear as quickly as possible.  She is also an apprentice Optometric Technician working very hard in this area of the office as well.

    Madison is a 2013 graduate of Leake Central High School.  She and her son, Rowan, attend Pine Grove Church of God.

  • Kristen Gilmer
    Schedule Administrator

    Kristen is responsible for the schedule of our doctors.  She works tirelessly to make sure that patients know what to expect when they visit our office for the first time and that patients are aware of what our front desk staff will ask of them when they return.  Kristen is also the liaison between our office and  Carthage Health and Rehab and Trend Health and Rehab.

    Kristen is a lifelong native of Leake county. She and her husband, Jamie, reside in Philadelphia with their two fur babies Paisley and Ollie.  They attend Crossgates Baptist Church.


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